Hollow Metal Doors

C & J Building Products is pleased to offer a variety of hollow metal doors.  The doors are engineered and manufactured to meet the varying architectural specifications and design requirements for commercial, industrial and institutional projects.


  • Door Elevations1 3/4″ (45mm) in thickness, available in 20, 18, 16 and 14 gauge
  • Door skins are mechanically interlocked along the vertical hinge and lock edges. 16 and 14 gauge doors are available full weld seam
  • Designed with a 1/8″ (3mm) in 2″ (50mm) bevel for ease of fit and operation
  • Door face sheets are premium quality panel flat tension levelled and are flush and free from any seams or joints
  • Hollow metal doors are available with various types of cores, all bonded under pressure. Positive pressure and “S” smoke label approved
  • Sound transmission assemblies (STC) available
  • Fire labelled from 3/4 hour to 3 hours

Door Material Specifications

  • Core OptionsStandard coating
    – Hot dipped galvanized steel (Galvanneal) to ASTM A653-B, coating A40 (ZF120), 0.40oz/ft2 (120g/m2)
  • Options available
    – G90 (ZF275)
    – Stainless Steel

Door Series

  • LS Series – Galvanneal Steel Standard Lock Seam Flush Doors
  • Embossed Doors – Galvanneal Steel Standard Lock Seam Embossed Doors
  • HS Series – Galvanneal Steel Stiffened Standard Lock Seam Flush Doors (special order)
  • WS Series – Steel Stiffened Continuously Welded Seam Flush Doors (special order)
  • SSD Series – Stainless Steel Doors (special order)

Images courtesy of All Steel Doors